Prunus LED-ring

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One standard for all applications

The PRUNUS luminaire family comprises six models. These models are grouped in basic variant types. Modules can be added to them to create luminaires suitable for the requirements that apply in semi-public and public spaces.

The standard colour of the luminaire is anthracite grey (RAL 7016). The optional LED ring in the hood or cover flange is a striking feature, which is available in seven colours. This makes it possible to create orientation landmarks in the streetscape and to give the living environment its own identity.


Attractive design and flexibility are two important factors within the PRUNUS family. For example, the A is available in four variants as a post-top luminaire with a clear or semi-frosted diffuser. The A4 is the luminaire you need for indirect lighting and ideally suited for parks or public squares. The attractive design is the deciding factor in an application and, at the same time, the PRUNUS offers the option of specifying the lighting with and without a post in all applications.

  • Modular luminaire family
  • Suitable for all stages of urban development
  • Light where and when required
  • CO₂ compensation for the entire supply chain
  • High-end styling combined with functional management capabilities

High quality at no extra cost

  • HASSLE-FREE  - standard 5-year warranty
  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION  - standard dimming program of your choice
  • CUSTOMISED LIGHTING  - available as standard with your choice of optical system
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE  - double-coated as standard
  • STREETSCAPE GUARANTEE  - standard long-term supply availability
  • EASY INSTALLATION  - supplied with a pre-fitted cable as standard

De PRUNUS armaturenfamilie

Flexibility in shape and function

The PRUNUS A post-top luminaire has a transparent or semi-frosted light cover and is available with various light distributions. Because the light distribution can be precisely determined, the PRUNUS provides light where and when required in public spaces.

Distinctive and flexible

The PRUNUS B is a saucer-shaped post-top luminaire that is available with a narrow or wide rim, a flat or light cover and an optional LED ring at the top. The different shape of the hood and type of diffuser characterise the three variants of the PRUNUS B.

Design with an eye for detail

The PRUNUS C is a round luminaire that can be widely used in public spaces due to the selection of suitable light covers, wattages and light distributions. The PRUNUS C offers you the choice of four variants with different light covers C1, C2, C3 and C4.

Design with an eye for detail

The PRUNUS D is a round, hanging luminaire with four different diffusers. The luminaire is widely applicable in public spaces and can also be fitted with a coupling piece for attachment to overhead cables.

Ffexibility in shape

The PRUNUS E is a round LED luminaire with an adaptable mounting arrangement for slide-on or post-top attachment. The PRUNUS E is available in four variants and is suitable for a wide range of applications in public spaces.

Special appearance

The PRUNUS F has a striking appearance and is suitable for various applications in public spaces. This round luminaire is available in four variants. A different diffuser distinguishes them from each other.

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