Lightronics PRUNUS D armatuur op een busstation



The main characteristic of the PRUNUS is that this luminaire provides light where and when required. The PRUNUS D is a round hanging luminaire with four different diffusers. This street and yard lighting can be fitted with a coupling piece for attachment to overhead cables. The luminaire is suitable for business parks, public squares and parks, town and village centres and residential areas. The options include various colour temperatures and an RGB LED ring. The Prunus D is waterproof (IP66) and impact-resistant (IK10).

Short overview
IP66 IK10 Veiligheidsklasse1 Easylight Smartscan Controlled Solutions CE Zhaga D4i

Public spaces and architecture, Station area, Inside the built-up area, Public squares and parks, Bus station, Bus platform

Luminaire type
Suspended luminaire, Pendant luminaire, Circular luminaire

Light cover
UV-stabilised polycarbonate, Structured polycarbonate, Safety glass, clear

RAL 7016

Aluminium coated

From 800 to 6000


> 70

Asymmetric, Wide distribution, Long distribution


The PRUNUS D can optionally be fitted with a LED ring in the top cover. This makes it possible to apply marking points in the streetscape and to assign the living environment its own identity. The LED ring is available in seven colours.

Ocean Blue

Lightronics PRUNUS D armatuur op een busstation



Town and village centres need to be consistently recognisable in a streetscape. The PRUNUS family offers planners, architects and local authorities the opportunity of structuring the living environment in a recognisable and stylish manner using a single luminaire range. This family of luminaires, which includes 6 models and 23 variants, offers an extensive range of choice in terms of shape, light distribution and application possibilities. An LED ring in the hood or top flange makes it possible to integrate orientation landmarks in the streetscape and give the living environment its own identity. The LED ring is available in seven colours.


Shape and flexibility are two important factors in the PRUNUS family. The PRUNUS D is available with different hoods and light covers in a range of four variants: D1, D2, D3 and D4. The light cover fitted to the D1 and D2 is made from UV-stabilised polycarbonate, with a larger free light cover surface area and higher lumen output for the D2. A contoured polycarbonate light cover is used for the D3. The D4 features a contoured transparent diffuser made from safety glass.

Climate Agreement implementation


The choice is yours, ranging from CLO (Constant Lumen Output), motion detection and communication between luminaires to integrating an existing management system or preparing for sensors. You can also opt for different luminaire finishes: functional or more stylish.


Lightronics’ luminaires feature CLO (Constant Lumen Output) or five standard dimming modes (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A), which alter the power and light intensity based on preconfigured time settings.


Lightronics offers full system integration with Controlled Solutions. This includes the use of communication modules from brands such as CityTouch, Luminext, TVilight or Remoticom. Motion detection with local communication by RF is a further possibility. Controlled Solutions projects are tailor-made solutions that involve additional charges for the initial analysis, system configuration and the final acceptance procedure.

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Alternative luminaires

Distinctive and flexible

The PRUNUS B is a saucer-shaped post-top luminaire that is available with a narrow or wide rim, a flat or light cover and an optional LED ring at the top. The different shape of the hood and type of diffuser characterise the three variants of the PRUNUS B.

Classical and full of character

The MAK (Margriet Armatuur Klein) luminaire for street or yard lighting is the GAM's baby sister. This strong likeness makes it possible to combine the two luminaires to create a characterful look in a specific setting.

Classical and full of character

The GAM (Groot Armatuur Margriet) is a visually striking luminaire that comes into its own in characteristic public squares, town centres, shopping centres and residential areas. The word Margriet in the name, Dutch for daisy, refers to the flower shape with the light source in its centre.

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