Residential construction

Comfort and safety are important aspects when lighting residential buildings. Lightronics offers a wide range of wall and ceiling luminaires for all kinds of residential applications. Our LED solutions help you create a pleasant and safe living environment and reduce your energy bills.

Regardless of your requirement - from storage rooms to external access galleries, from entrances to stairwells, and from parking garages to large outside car parks - we have the most optimal lighting solution for you. Lightronics creates an optimal lighting plan for each space. It is no coincidence that we are a major partner for housing corporations, project developers and owners' associations. Our luminaires help achieve optimal living comfort and social safety. In addition, our sustainable LED lighting solutions significantly reduce your energy expenses and maintenance costs.

Lighting solutions for apartment buildings


The residents in apartment complexes like the communal areas to be kept tidy and welcoming. Appropriate lighting contributes to this and ensures that residents and visitors feel safe. Lightronics offers numerous energy-efficient solutions for apartment complexes: functional luminaires and luminaires that create accents and enhance the appearance of a building.

Lightronics WPV armaturen in een appartementencomplex aan de Perserij in Tiel

Lighting solutions for migrant shelters


The communal areas in a migrant shelter are used irregularly. Lightronics' lighting solutions can be adapted to the type of use and provide light where and when required. Our luminaires feature the latest lighting technology and ensure that residents feel safe and comfortable.

Lightronics armaturen voor in de migrantenopvang

Lighting solutions for student residences


Lighting is also one of the aspects that determine the character and appearance of a student residence.

Lightronics' lighting solutions for student residences combine a well-lit, safe and pleasant living environment with high energy savings. Smart applications make it possible to provide light where and when needed.

Lightronics RINK armaturen op een galerij van een appartementencomplex van Veluwonen in Eerbeek

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