Atmosphere and relaxation


A holiday park is a wonderful place to enjoy yourself and relax. The lighting can help achieve this by creating a pleasant atmosphere. Obviously, the surrounding area is also taken into account in order to prevent light nuisance. We always like to visit the location personally to determine the best lighting design for a holiday park.

Lightronics armaturen voor in een vakantiepark
Lightronics toepassing recreatiepark
Reception and entrance
Warm welcome
Footpaths and cycle paths
Flow of traffic and social safety
Car park
Colour recognition and correct light distribution
Seeing and being seen
Functional and decorative

LED lighting for reception areas and your entrance


The reception area at a holiday park needs to give each and every visitor a hearty welcome. With the right light temperature, playful lighting accents and logical positioning of the luminaires along walking routes for maximum comfort. As a result, your guests feel immediately at home.

View our range of LED luminaires for reception areas and entrances:

Lightronics receptie

Intelligent LED emergency lighting


In an emergency, escape routes need to be immediately visible. Lightronics offers several emergency lighting luminaires with pictograms on an acrylic panel. The luminaires include a standalone auto-test function. The status indicator shows the luminaire’s current operational condition. This information can also be retrieved remotely and in real time using SmartScan. The luminaires are impact-resistant, waterproof (IP40) and energy-efficient. These escape route luminaires can be mounted to ceilings or walls, hung or mounted in a perpendicular orientation. The luminaires are ideal for businesses, schools, hospitals, banks and libraries.

View our range of LED luminaires for emergency lighting:

Lightronics noodverlichting voor de woningbouw

LED lighting for footpaths and cycle paths


LED lighting can be tailored to the setting. A footpath, for example, requires concentrated lighting to ensure maximum social safety. Whereas a crossing requires the opposite: precisely directed lighting. The ingredients for effective cycle path lighting are the ability to move smoothly with the traffic flow, adequate lighting to see where you are going and a high degree of social safety. The right light profile and communication between the luminaires makes it possible to switch on the lighting when needed.

View our range of LED luminaires for footpaths and cycle paths:

Lightronics Bart armaturen langs een fietspad in Amsterdam

LED solutions for car parks


Colour recognition and light where and when required are key requirements when illuminating large car parks. Thanks to an intelligently designed light distribution, car parks can be illuminated with extensive-spread beam patterns or long-throw, focused beams. Lightronics offers an extensive range of luminaires with a specific profile for large car parks.

View our range of LED luminaires for car parks:

Lightronics PRUNUS A1 en BRISA armaturen op een parkeerplaats in Oldebroek

LED solutions for roads


Visitor safety is paramount on roads at holiday parks and takes precedence over motorised traffic. This requires effective lighting that prioritises seeing and being seen. Guidance lighting helps increase safety. Classical luminaires provide an extra accent that complements the visual identity of a holiday park.

View our range of LED luminaires for roads:

Lightronics PRUNUS A1 en BRISA armaturen langs een looppad in Oldebroek

LED solutions for homes


The outdoor lighting for a recreational home accentuates the home’s function and appearance where required. Lightronics offers an extensive range of functional and decorative luminaires for holiday homes. Opting for LED lighting guarantees you a sustainable, energy-efficient lighting solution that can produce any illumination pattern you wish.

View our range of LED luminaires for homes:

Lightronics TPS armaturen bij de voordeuren van woningen in Apeldoorn

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