Safety first


Robust and impact-resistant lighting ensures adequate light in a penitentiary. The luminaires are sturdy and cannot easily be broken open. In fact, our luminaires that are equipped with HSS tamper-proof security screws that can only be undone with a special tool. These design features allow you to guarantee a specific lighting level and maintain a feeling of safety. In addition, our robust luminaires have been extensively tested to assess their resistance to hard blows and knocks. As a result, the luminaires are both impact-resistant and durable. Because they use the latest LED technology, these luminaires are also extremely energy-efficient

Lightronics ESV armatuur in de hal van een gevangenis in Turnhout

LED lighting for entrances, canteens and offices


You can provide adequate illumination in any space with a flexible lighting system. Regardless of whether the point of application is an entrance, canteen or office, our SmartScan luminaires offer a solution in every situation. Because of the flexible light settings, they can be used in any room or space. Energy can also be saved when the daylight levels start to strengthen at dawn, daylight can be brought into the room with our ColourActive solution.

View our range of LED luminaires for entrances, canteens and offices:

Lightronics armatuur bij een gevangenis entree

LED lighting for prisoners’ cells


The right type of illumination helps create a feeling of safety. Pleasant lighting can be created in any space using solutions such as an opalescent light diffuser, or a shield. We will be happy to investigate the possibilities with you!

View our range of LED luminaires for cells:

Lightronics ESV armatuur in een gevangenis in Turnhout

LED lighting for prison yards


LED lighting allows you to provide illumination only where it is needed. LED luminaires can be easily controlled to ensure that the prison yard is adequately lit without causing nuisance for local residents. Dimming modes, motion sensors and twilight detection ensure the availability of light when it is needed.

View our range of LED luminaires for prison yards:

Lightronics gevangenis in Heinsberg Duitsland

LED emergency lighting


Emergency lighting is of great importance when major accidents or incidents occur in a penitentiary or prison. Escape route signage indicates the shortest route out of the building and escape route lighting ensures safe access to the escape route. Thanks to a thorough emergency lighting plan, everybody is able to leave the building safely.

View our range of LED luminaires for emergency lighting:

Lightronics noodverlichting voor de woningbouw

LED lighting for car parks


Providing sufficient light in your car park reduces the risk of accidents. Traffic situations can be easily assessed when there is uniform illumination. We will be happy to help you find the right lighting solution and create a personalised lighting plan.

View our range of LED luminaires for car parks:

Lightronics armaturen op een parkeerplaats

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