Our LED lighting for residential areas saves energy and ensures safety


Lightronics' lighting solutions for populated areas help prevent accidents and increase social safety for the residents. 

Light in the right place at the right time promotes safety. However, light in undesirable places can result in nuisance. So it is important to consider the setting when selecting a lighting solution. Our service includes a joint visit to view and analyse your location, followed by a situation-specific lighting plan.

Lightronics PRUNUS C1 armaturen in een woonstraat in Loon op Zand

Lightronics PRUNUS A1 en BRISA armaturen op een parkeerplaats in Oldebroek

Customised solutions for public spaces
Lighting in public spaces can be fully adapted to the setting. We offer a range of options for light control, light intensity and light colour. Together with you, we specify the right lighting plan for an adequately lit environment.

Recyclable material, optimum circularity
Public lighting also plays an important part in achieving climate and energy targets. You can take positive action to achieve these objectives by opting for sustainable luminaires. For example, the CEDER, a new conical luminaire in our range, offers maximum circularity.

A smart solution
LED lighting in sustainable luminaires is the right choice for public spaces. Furthermore, LED lighting can be made even more sustainable by incorporating smart components. Smart lighting can be installed in your situation as well.

lightronics in de openbare ruimte render
Residential road
Prevention of light pollution and social safety
Foot and cycle paths
Flow of traffic and social safety
Car park
Colour recognition and correct light distribution
Visibility and traffic safety

LED lighting for residential areas and residential streets


Preventing light nuisance, high social safety and opting for a sustainable and energy-efficient solution are important considerations for residential areas. Lightronics offers a wide range of lighting solutions for all types of district, street or yards. Advanced lighting technology and light where you need it and when you need it are common to all our solutions. Good light distribution is an important consideration for residential streets. Lightronics offers a range of light profiles to ensure appropriate lighting in all residential areas: asymmetrical, symmetrical, 360-degree, extensive-spread or long-throw.

View our range of LED luminaires for residential areas and residential streets:

Lightronics PRUNUS A3 armaturen in woonwijk bij wooncomplex Molenhorst in Brummen

LED lighting for footpaths and cycle paths


LED lighting can be tailored to the setting. A footpath, for example, requires concentrated lighting to ensure maximum social safety. Whereas a crossing requires the opposite: precisely directed lighting. The ingredients for effective cycle path lighting are the ability to move smoothly with the traffic flow, adequate lighting to see where you are going and a high degree of social safety. The right light profile and communication between the luminaires makes it possible to switch on the lighting when needed.

View our range of LED luminaires for footpaths and cycle paths:

Lightronics Prunus A3 armaturen langs een fietspad in een woonwijk in Oud Beijerland

LED lighting for car parks


The aspects that are important when lighting car parks are colour recognition and providing light where and when desired. Thanks to an intelligently designed light distribution, car parks can be illuminated with extensive-spread beam patterns or long-throw, focused beams. Lightronics’ extensive range of luminaires for car parks offer specific profiles that are adapted to the circumstances.

View our range of LED luminaires for car parks:

Lightronics BURAN PLUS armaturen op het marktplein aan de Piet Heinlaan in Katwijk

LED lighting for crossings


Our purpose-designed luminaires for pedestrian crossings use optical systems that greatly enhance safety on the roads. The illumination provided by the optical system contrasts strongly with the surroundings to make pedestrians more clearly visible. Special lenses focus the light in an area just before the middle of the crossing. A different colour temperature can be used to add an extra accent.

View our range of LED luminaires for crossings:

Lightronics BURAN armaturen op een parkeerplaats in Oud Beijerland

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