LED lighting helps create a pleasant residential environment


Lighting helps create the right atmosphere and enhances safety in and around a student residence. You can accentuate the visual identity of a building with lighting and also clearly illuminate the surrounding area. We will be happy to help you choose the right lighting for your student accommodation.


Much still has to be done if we are to achieve an energy-neutral built environment by 2050. Not only do we require energy-efficient new construction, we also need to exploit the significant energy-saving potential of existing buildings. You can reduce your energy bill substantially by installing LED lighting instead of fluorescent lighting. The combination of Smart Lighting features, a twilight switch and motion detection reduces energy usage and costs even further.

Lightronics WPV armaturen in een appartementencomplex aan de Perserij in Tiel

Lightronics GPA armaturen in een appartementencomplex in Weezenhof in Nijmegen

Sustainable management
The switch to LED lighting will reduce energy usage significantly. Even more energy can be saved by adding smart components into the mix. The lighting system can also be managed in a sustainable manner. The status of the luminaires can be monitored remotely, eliminating the need for on-site inspections.

Guaranteed availability of sufficient light
Lighting is one of the elements that determine the character and visual identity of a student residence. So Lightronics guarantees the long-term availability of products and spare parts. Our luminaires are also future-proof: when the light source reaches the end of its service life, it can easily be replaced. Our retrofit solution guarantees you the same attractive and reliable illumination for years to come.

Low CO₂ footprint
Our luminaires for student accommodation are equipped with the latest LED technology. Not only is this technology extremely energy-efficient, it is also characterised by an excellent service life. In addition, the luminaires require little maintenance during their lifetime. By using our equipment, you can achieve a lower CO₂ footprint for your student complex.

Lightronics render armaturen voor de woningbouw
Car park
Colour recognition and correct light distribution
Warm welcome and safety
Storage room
Safety and light when required
External access galleries
Good visibility and a sense of security
Dimmable and safe
Corridors and emergency lighting
Saving energy trough intelligent lighting management
Safety and modern lighting technology
Parking garage
Felling comfortable and safe

LED lighting for external access galleries


Smart lighting is a good choice for the light system in external access galleries. Sensors and smart components ensure that the lights only come on when needed: i.e. when people walk down the gallery or somebody is standing at your front door. This control arrangement guarantees sufficient light when needed and saves energy at the same time.

View our range of LED luminaires for external access galeries:

Lightronics GEO armaturen in de galerij van een zorgcomplex in Tilburg

LED lighting for stairwells


Good lighting is an important aspect of stairwell safety. Not only is sufficient light required to prevent accidents, it must also be properly distributed. Tripping incidents and falls can be avoided by proper lighting in a stairwell.

View our range of LED luminaires for stairwells:

Lightronics DOTT XL armaturen aan het plafond van een appartementencomplex van Veluwonen in Eerbeek

LED lighting for corridors


In corridors where no daylight can enter the space, good lighting is indispensable. However the lights do not need to stay on day and night to help students find the door to their rooms. Smart lighting provides adequate light when someone is present and saves energy when nobody is in the corridor.

View our range of LED luminaires for corridors:

Lightronics armatuur in een gang

LED lighting for entrances


Lighting is one of the main factors determining the atmosphere and appearance of an entrance. Furthermore, lighting also has a clear safety function in lift lobbies. So our luminaires are available with different light colours and light outputs. Thanks to that range of choice, all student complexes can be pleasantly and tastefully lit.

View our range of LED luminaires for entrances:

Lightronics CLARA 720 armaturen in de entree hal van een galerijflat in Den Helder

LED lighting for storage rooms


The lighting for a storage room is obviously functional: it needs to provide good visibility and enough illumination to allow the key to be inserted in the door to the storage room. Our impact-resistant luminaires guarantee you functional lighting.

View our range of LED luminaires for storage rooms:

Lightronics PVX en TPS armaturen in de berging van een appartementencomplex van Waterweg Wonen in Vlaardingen

LED lighting for porches


Porch lighting provides adequate light to see who is at the front door. In addition, the lighting also determines the building's visual identity to some extent. So we offer a range of products for both functional and decorative lighting in porches.

View our range of LED luminaires for porches:

Lightronics TPB armaturen in de hal van een appartementencomplex in Bergambacht

LED lighting for car parks


Adequate visibility is important in a car park. On the other hand, you need to avoid creating light nuisance for local residents. So we always like to visit the site with you to determine the best lighting design for a car park.

View our range of LED luminaires for car parks:

Lightronics armaturen in de openbare ruimte binnen de bebouwde kom

LED lighting for parking garages


Good lighting in a parking garage is a key safety requirement. It ensures adequate visibility to prevent accidents and also gives users a sense of security. So we obviously always include the parking garage in our lighting plan.

View our range of LED luminaires for parking garages:

Lightronics PVX en TPS armaturen in de parkeergarage van een appartementencomplex van Waterweg Wonen in Vlaardingen

LED lighting in emergencies


Emergency lighting is extremely important when major accidents and incidents occur. The escape route signage and lighting ensure that everybody can leave the building safely. You can test the status of your emergency lighting remotely using our SmartScan system to guarantee a safe environment in an emergency situation.

View our range of LED luminaires for emergency lighting:

Lightronics noodverlichting voor de woningbouw

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