Impact resistant and robust lighting for low maintenance

Energy saving

Replacing conventional lighting in metro stations with LED lighting is a smart choice. Not only does this upgrade significantly reduce energy usage, your maintenance and replacement costs also plummet due to the long service life of our luminaires. Our impact-resistant and robust lighting is excellent for use as linear lighting and can easily be installed on a cable tray. Speakers and emergency lighting can also be added to the linear lighting system without complication.

Lightronics luchthaven

LED solutions for the central hall


Travellers converge in the central hall at metro stations. From this point, they find their way to their next destination. So sufficient light is important here - both for helping travellers get their bearings and for creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 

View our range of LED luminaires for the central hall:

Lightronics armaturen voor stations

LED solutions for train platforms


Our robust linear lighting is easy to install on train platforms. The luminaires provide adequate light to ensure that travellers can get on and off the metro safely. They are also easy to mount on cable ducts and require very little maintenance. Would you like more information about our impact-resistant luminaires? Read on below.

View our range of LED luminaires for train platforms:

Lightronics VENTEGO armaturen in de fietstunnel bij het station in Assen

LED solutions for stairwells


Good lighting in stairwells ensures adequate visibility, which helps increase safety. Trips and falls can be prevented and travellers can continue on their way without incident.

View our range of LED luminaires for stairwells:

Lightronics roltrap station

LED emergency lighting


Adequate lighting on escape routes and at emergency exits is vital in an emergency. The law requires escape routes and exits to be clearly marked so that people can evacuate the metro station quickly and get to safety. Lightronics offers an extensive range of emergency lighting products.

View our range of LED luminaires for emergency lighting:

Lightronics noodverlichting voor de woningbouw

LED solutions for bicycle sheds


Good lighting ensures that travellers can safely park and retrieve their bicycle, scooter or mopeds in the dark. So robust lighting is a smart choice in this setting. These luminaires provide adequate illumination in the bicycle shed. 

View our range of LED luminaires for bicycle sheds:

Lightronics stationsgebied fietsenstalling

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