Lighting solutions for sports facilities

Lighting solutions for people and the living environment


Light not only helps us see, gives us a feeling of safety and energises us, it is also instrumental in creating a certain atmosphere. However, if the lighting is not properly adapted to the setting, it can cause problems. Such as light nuisance or light pollution. So when selecting the right lighting, you should always consider the setting and surroundings as well as the use of a room or space. When producing a lighting plan, we investigate the possibilities for controlling the lighting to ensure optimal use of its positive qualities.

In a sports centre, strong and bright light is required on the field so that the players can focus fully on the game Opting for LED lighting guarantees you pleasant and even illumination in the sports centre. Furthermore, you can also save a significant amount of energy! What if you need bright and clear lighting for intensive ball sports? Simply choose one of our impact-resistant LED luminaires.

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LED solutions for indoor sports facilities


The European Union has drawn up a standard for the lux values in gymnasiums, sports halls and other indoor sports facilities. The NEN-EN 12464-1:2011 standard specifies a lux value of 300 for gymnasiums and similar indoor sports facilities. That value is 500 in the case of sports halls. The standard determines the minimum intensity and illumination pattern. The Solow LED luminaire is one of the solutions offered by Lightronics. This luminaire has been designed to produce uniform illumination while at the same time minimising energy and maintenance costs. We are always happy to give you personalised lighting advice.

View our range of LED luminaires for indoor sports facilities:

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LED solutions for reception, changing rooms and the canteen


The reception area at a sports facility needs to give each and every visitor a warm welcome. With the right light temperature, playful lighting accents and logical positioning of the luminaires along walking routes, in stairwells and in changing rooms for an optimal feeling of safety. The luminaires in the changing rooms are controlled depending on occupancy. Motion sensors switch them off when all the athletes have left. The same applies to the solutions for the canteen, which combine daylight with smart LED luminaires.

View our range of LED luminaires for reception, changing rooms and the canteen:

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LED solutions for the boardroom


Boardrooms are multifunctional spaces. This is the formal setting where the board meets and also the reception area for guests, officials and representatives of the visiting team when a match or competition takes place. These uses require functional lighting that switches on and off or dims based on occupancy. Smart lighting ensures that the light comes on when needed. That control feature, in combination with LED technology, guarantees you an energy-efficient lighting solution. 

View our range of LED luminaires for boardrooms:

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Intelligent LED emergency lighting


In an emergency, escape routes need to be immediately visible. Lightronics offers several emergency lighting luminaires with pictograms on an acrylic panel. The luminaires include a standalone auto-test function. The status indicator shows the luminaire’s current operational condition. This information can also be retrieved remotely and in real time using SmartScan. The luminaires are impact-resistant, waterproof (IP40) and energy-efficient. These escape route luminaires can be mounted to ceilings or walls, hung or mounted in a perpendicular orientation. The luminaires are ideal for businesses, schools, hospitals, banks and libraries.

View our range of LED luminaires for emergency lighting:

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LED solutions for car parks


The aspects that are important when lighting car parks are colour recognition and providing light where and when desired. Thanks to an intelligently designed light distribution, car parks can be illuminated with extensive-spread beam patterns or long-throw, focused beams. Lightronics’ extensive range of luminaires for car parks offer specific profiles that are adapted to the circumstances.

View our range of LED luminaires for car parks:

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