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Light is a basic necessity of life. It is essential for a stimulating workplace and a pleasant living environment. It makes us feel safe and secure and energises us. Our passion for light is clearly visible in our lighting solutions and luminaires. We want to let you experience this Force in your own environment and setting.

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Smart lighting for a carbon-neutral future


Every day we work passionately towards a carbon-neutral future by developing and marketing professional lighting solutions in a socially engaged, sustainable and economically responsible manner. Our activities highlight the power of light and the role it plays in creating a safe living environment and a stimulating workplace, and ensuring good visibility when needed.

In the future, we want to maintain our top 3 position in the Netherlands and expand our activities in the countries on our borders. Customers in the Netherlands appreciate our in-depth application expertise, our ability to contribute meaningfully to projects through our in-house R&D and our policy of maintaining long-term supply availability for our solutions, some of which are now 40 years old. That valuable experience is an asset that we want to use to greater effect in projects outside the Netherlands.

Guaranteed quality, reliability and durability


Lightronics is one of the few companies to offer an extensive five-year warranty on LED luminaires. 

At our plant in Waalwijk, all the disciplines required for realising the best lighting solution for any environment are available in house. We design and assemble our luminaires here, and our engineers produce professional lighting plans. Furthermore, all our luminaires have to withstand exposure to extreme conditions in our test rooms in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 2859. The safety and performance of our luminaires are guaranteed by the DEKRA Led Performance certificate and the Qualicoat ISO 12944 paintwork certificate. By combining the strengths of all these departments and disciplines, we can supply luminaires that offer a long service life and provide maximum lighting comfort.

Lightronics OMA armaturen in de binnenstad van Maastricht
Historie Hogro Logo

Incorporation of Hogro

Two wartime friends, Horvers & de Groot, decided to set up a company just after the war. Hogro, the name of the company, was based on the names of the two founders. In the early years, they manufactured cable clamps that were used underground for the cable networks in the Netherlands.

Historie Holbein

Start of the street and yard lighting activities

The acquisition of Gouda Holland's street lighting line laid the foundations for a long and successful future in street and yard lighting. One of the luminaires in that first line of products, now known as the Holbein, is still available today. The first true in-house luminaire, the GBM, was developed specifically for the municipal authority of Amsterdam. All the components for the products, ranging from metal parts to injection-moulded parts, were produced fully in-house.


Historie productie Hogro

First PVX

The PVX luminaire, a unit that is still widely used in residential construction today, was developed in collaboration with Osram in 1983. The tools for producing these luminaires were developed and made by Hogro. 


Name change to Lightronics

In 2000, more than 50 years after Hogro's incorporation, it was decided to change the name of the company following several acquisitions. The name Lightronics was born: a combination of the new areas of expertise - light and electronics. The original name, Hogro, continued to be used as a brand name.

Lightronics armaturen voor de maakindustrie

Partnership with F.W. Thorpe PLC.

F.W. Thorpe PLC, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange,  acquired a majority stake in Lightronics in 2015. This move led to excellent partnerships with other group companies in Great Britain, Spain and the Netherlands, and industrial lighting was added to the portfolio.

Lightronics experiencecenter over ons

An eventful year

This was a memorable year with some great highlights: the Experience Center was completed and Lightronics was added to the Top 250 Growth Companies List. However, this was also a year of major challenges, with long periods of working from home and the devastating fire that occurred in September.  We successfully overcame these challenges as a team and the experience has only made us stronger. So we are justifiably proud of Lightronics!

FW Thorpe Group - Partners in Lighting

Lightronics is part of FW Thorpe Group: a group of companies that specialise in developing, manufacturing and supplying smart lighting and lighting solutions. There are eight companies in the group and each company focuses on specific market segments. In addition to Lightronics, these companies are Thorlux Lighting, Philip Payne, Solite, Portland Lighting, TRT Lighting, Zemper and Famostar.

Thorlux has been manufacturing lighting for the professional lighting market since 1936. In the factory in Redditch, Great Britain, the professional lighting is made and distributed all over the world. The Thorlux products can be found in schools, hospitals, offices and industrial applications. 

Besides luminaires Thorlux also develops and produces smart lighting systems. The SmartScan system has its origin in Redditch. With this system lighting can not only be easily controlled, it also makes remote management possible.

Philip Payne joined FW Thorpe as an emergency lighting specialist in 1996. Started in 1968 as a producer of decorative lighting and chandeliers, Philip Payne changed its direction in the 1980s towards emergency lighting. Since then, the Solihull factory in Great Britain has produced high-quality emergency lighting that belongs to the top of the English market. Both the luminaires for escape route lighting and escape route signs can be found in various applications in health care, museums, hotels and office buildings.

The Dutch sister company Famostar is located in Velp and specialises in emergency lighting. For more than 65 years, this Dutch manufacturer has designed and supplied emergency lighting. Famostar's emergency lighting can be found in schools, industrial applications and the retail sector. Famostar luminaires can be used for escape route lighting or escape route indication. In addition, Famostar has a knowledge centre where courses are given on legislation and regulations concerning emergency lighting.

From its factory in Walsall, Great Britain, Portland Lighting supplies lighting for advertisements and logos on façades and signs. The high quality of the lighting ensures that they can illuminate advertisements and logos for years to come. Portland's own powder coating facility ensures that the lighting can meet the high quality standards. Portland Lighting has a high degree of flexibility to meet customer requirements.

Solite Europe Ltd's specialist lighting can be found in clean rooms, hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical institutions in the UK and Europe. To meet the high quality standards required of clean room lighting, Solite has a full in-house manufacturing facility. From CNC machining to specialist powder coating, all work is carried out from the manufacturing facility in Stockport, UK.

TRT (Thorlux Road and Tunnel) Lighting is a separate division within the FW Thorpe Group that specialises in street and tunnel lighting. TRT Lighting is committed to high light efficiency and light control. In addition, all luminaires from TRT are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure a long service life.

Zemper was founded in 1967 and is a leading independent manufacturer of emergency lighting. The company uses highly automated manufacturing processes and, thanks to a high level of research and development and extensive internal and external testing, provides market leading products including wired and wireless self-testing systems. The company is based in Ciudad Real, Spain, and has an additional sales and distribution facility in France. Its modern facilities cover all areas of product manufacture, including electronic PCB assembly, component injection moulding, robotic assembly and end-of-line testing.

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