Lighting in holiday parks and sports halls requires functional luminaires that meet the specific requirements for the application.

Holiday parks are often located in rustic settings, surrounded by woods and fields on all sides. This setting also has implications for the lighting: it needs to be both functional and attractive for holidaymakers visiting the park and also suitable for the natural surroundings. Lightronics offers several tasteful and environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions for this application.

Lighting is essential for playing sports. However, illuminating playing fields and sports halls is extremely energy-intensive. Lightronics can supply LED lighting tailored to your situation that both prevents glare and light nuisance, and also helps you control your energy usage and achieve substantial energy savings. Find out more about our lighting solutions.

Lighting solutions for holiday parks


Suitable lighting at a holiday park creates the right atmosphere in a rustic environment so that holidaymakers can enjoy their stay and relax. Classical luminaires provide an extra accent that complements this look. Furthermore, when designing the lighting, the surroundings need to be taken into account in order to avoid light nuisance. LED lighting allows you to create customised lighting solutions.

Lightronics armaturen voor in een vakantiepark

Lighting solutions for sports facilities


In a sports hall, high light intensities are required on the field or court so that the players can enjoy the game in complete safety. LED lighting provides pleasant and uniform illumination for all the playing areas in a sports hall, and keeps your energy and maintenance costs to a minimum. Other areas, such as changing rooms, can also be fitted out with functional and energy-efficient lighting that adapts itself to the level of usage.

Lightronics armaturen Toepassing Sporthal

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