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Good lighting gives people a feeling of security when moving from place to place. Whether they are on a bicycle, in their car, or on public transport. Good lighting not only provides the level of visibility required to prevent accidents, it is essential for facial recognition and a pleasant atmosphere. We will be happy to help you find the best lighting solution for your setting.

Vandal-proof lighting ensures that there is always an adequate amount of light on the platform or at the bus stop. Our robust luminaires are easy to install at stations and provide uniform illumination thanks to the latest LED technologies. LED lighting also makes it possible to provide illumination exactly when required. So you can be sure that you will never have to wait for the bus in the dark.

Lightronics toepassing bij het openbaar vervoer
Train station
Wireless management system and maintenance-friendly
Bus station
Good overview and graffiti resistant
Metro station
Built-in speakers and cable tray mounting

Lighting solutions for train stations


Opt for smart and sustainable lighting that makes your station ready for the future. With our wireless management system, you can save energy, reduce your CO₂ emissions and keep a tight grip on the costs of maintenance and materials. Furthermore, we act proactively to reduce the CO₂ footprint of our luminaires by planting trees and using solar panels to generate energy. As a result, we meet the standards for the highest level on the CO₂ performance ladder.

Lightronics armaturen voor treinstations

Lighting solutions for metro stations


Replacing conventional lighting in metro stations with LED lighting is a smart choice. Not only does this upgrade significantly reduce energy usage, your maintenance and replacement costs also plummet due to the long service life of our luminaires. Our impact-resistant and robust lighting is excellent for use as linear lighting and can easily be installed on a cable tray. Speakers and emergency lighting can also be added to the linear lighting system without complication.

Lightronics PLUTEGO armatuur stationsgebied Metro in Amsterdam-004

Lighting solutions for bus stations


Good lighting helps create a pleasant atmosphere at a bus station. Sufficient light ensures the level of visibility required to avoid accidents and gives users a sense of security. Our robust lighting is both shockproof and graffiti-resistant. Its use guarantees sufficient light at all times and a feeling of security.

Lightronics busstation

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