A pleasant residential environment


Lightronics' lighting solutions for apartment buildings combine a well-lit and pleasant living environment with high energy savings. When you opt for our luminaires, you are assured of lighting that matches the look of your building and incorporates the latest energy-efficient lighting technology.

Lightronics WPV armaturen in een appartementencomplex aan de Perserij in Tiel

LED: a smart solution


In 2050, the entire built environment is expected to be energy-neutral. Making homes more sustainable is the key to achieving energy-neutral housing. Lighting plays an important role in this. Installing smart LED lighting from Lightronics generates substantial energy savings and is the fastest way to reduce costs and CO₂ emissions. Electricity usage and costs can be further reduced with Smart Lighting features, motion sensors, twilight switches and connectivity.

Lightronics TTN Retrofit armaturen in een appartementencomplex in Katwijk

Lightronics DOTT PVX en TPS armaturen in de parkeergarage van een appartementencomplex van Waterweg Wonen in Vlaardingen

Robust and maintenance-free
Impact-resistance is one of the characteristics of Lightronics’ wall and ceiling luminaires: they can withstand knocks. Thanks to the use of LED technology, the luminaires have a long service life and require almost no maintenance. As standard, we offer a five-year warranty on our LED luminaires.

Optimal spare parts availability
Lighting is one of the factors that give an apartment building its character and visual identity. So long term supply availability is extremely important. Lightronics guarantees the availability of products and spare parts far into the future. Furthermore, our luminaires are future-proof: you can easily upgrade them with the latest lighting technology.

Lightronics develops high-quality luminaires. You receive a complete and energy-efficient luminaire that is easy to integrate into the building management system. Options like motion detection, twilight switches, dimming and Smart Lighting features help you achieve further savings.

Lightronics render armaturen voor de woningbouw
Car park
Colour recognition and correct light distribution
Warm welcome and safety
Outer Façade
Accentuate and illuminate
Storage room
Safety and light when required
External access galleries
Good visibility and a sense of security
Dimmable and safe
Corridors and emergency lighting
Saving energy through intelligent lighting management
Safety and modern lighting technology
Parking garage
Feeling comfortable and safe

LED lighting for external access galleries


Effective access gallery lighting ensures good visibility for residents and visitors, giving them a feeling of security. Lightronics’ lighting solutions provide lighting when and where necessary. For example, a tracking system can be used to automatically provide light as people move through the space. Furthermore, access gallery lighting also contributes to the visual identity of an apartment building.

View our range of LED luminaires for external access galeries:

Lightronics GEO armaturen in de galerij van een zorgcomplex in Tilburg

LED lighting for stairwells


Good lighting in stairwells is essential to ensure safe passage. The lighting solutions from Lightronics can be adapted to the type of use. For example, a tracking system can be used to switch the lighting to full power as the resident or visitor moves up and down the stairs. Once he or she has passed, the lighting dims to a minimum level again. Opting for this set-up combines safety with high energy savings.

View our range of LED luminaires for stairwells:

Lightronics WPV armaturen in het trappenhuis van een appartementencomplex aan de Perserij in Tiel

LED lighting for corridors


There is seldom any daylight in corridors, so lighting is essential for safety. On the other hand, keeping corridors brightly lit often results in unnecessary energy usage because the space is only used irregularly. High energy savings can be achieved in corridors through the use of a lighting management system that provides light only when needed.

View our range of LED luminaires for corridors:

Lightronics berging Heuvel Druten

LED lighting for entrances


Good lighting ensures that an entrance is both visible and safe. In addition, the entrance to an apartment building acts as a visiting card. Warm and tasteful lighting in an entrance makes residents and visitors feel that they are welcome. Lightronics offers a wide range of solutions for entrances: functional luminaires and luminaires that create specific accents.

View our range of LED luminaires for stairwells:

Lightronics TPB armatuur entree buiten Utrecht Mitros

LED emergency lighting


An emergency situation in a building can lead to confusion and disorientation. The law requires escape routes and exits to be clearly marked so that people can evacuate a building quickly and get to safety. Reliable emergency lighting is required to guarantee safety.

View our range of LED luminaires for emergency lighting:

Lightronics noodverlichting voor de woningbouw

LED lighting for storage rooms


Residents need to be able to see what they are doing in a storage room, so bright lighting is essential. Good lighting also enhances safety. At the same time, people are not always present in a storage room, so the lighting does not have to stay on continuously. Lighting solutions provide light when needed and ensure good safety.

View our range of LED luminaires for storage rooms:

Lightronics PVX armaturen in een berging van een appartementencomplex in de Speenkruidstraat in Assen

LED lighting for porches


Porch lighting is both functional and decorative. Good lighting ensures good visibility and increases safety. In addition, porch lighting can make an entrance look more attractive and provide an extra accent. Lightronics offers a specific line of luminaires for this application. In addition to modern lighting technology, the appeal of these luminaires lies in their attractive design.

View our range of LED luminaires for porches:

Lightronics TPB armatuur buiten entree Utrecht Mitros

LED lighting for car parks


The aspects that are important when lighting car parks are colour recognition and providing light where and when desired. Thanks to an intelligently designed light distribution, car parks can be illuminated with extensive-spread beam patterns or long-throw, focused beams. Lightronics’ extensive range of luminaires for car parks offer specific profiles that are adapted to the circumstances.

View our range of LED luminaires for car parks:


LED lighting for parking garages


A well-lit parking garage gives residents and visitors a pleasant and safe feeling. Bright and evenly distributed lighting ensures good visibility and reduces shadows. Ideal for driving safely into and out of the garage, parking in the spaces or when looking for your car keys. Thanks to Lightronics’ intelligent lighting control systems, the lights only come on when needed.

View our range of LED luminaires for parking garages:

Lightronics PGA armaturen aan het plafond van een parkeergarage in Tilburg

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