Public spaces and architecture

Good lighting contributes to optimal safety in public spaces. Lightronics offers a wide range of energy-efficient LED luminaires for all applications inside and outside urban areas.

In residential areas, lighting in public spaces helps create a living environment where residents feel safe and comfortable. Lighting helps us to see what is going on around us and reduces crime. When we are on the move, lighting helps us interact safely with other traffic. The energy-efficient LED luminaires from Lightronics are effective, sustainable and have an extremely long service life. In addition, the design of the luminaires helps create the (desired) visual effect on a street, underpass or public square.

lightronics in de openbare ruimte render
In built-up areas
Safe and secure feeling
Rural areas
Safe movement and energy saving

Lighting solutions for densely populated areas


Road safety, social safety and quality of life are important aspects when choosing urban lighting. The lighting requirements for local access roads differ significantly from those for residential roads. A higher level of illumination is required for roads in a built-up area where the traffic intensity and speeds are high. The level of illumination can be lower on a residential street and around houses. Lightronics offers a wide range of energy-efficient lighting solutions for every type of district, street and yard.

Lightronics PRUNUS A3 armaturen in woonwijk bij wooncomplex Molenhorst in Brummen

Lighting solutions for less densely populated areas


Road safety is the main priority on roads outside densely populated areas. The choice of lighting depends on the situation, the function and the specific location. The more uniformly the road surface is lit, the better the road user can see the road surface and react to unexpected situations. So good lighting increases safety in traffic situations and enhances social safety. Guidance lighting is also available. Lightronics supplies energy-efficient lighting solutions for every type of road, footpath and cycle path, tunnel and industrial estate.

Lightronics GAM en MAK armaturen bij een toegangsweg in het buitengebied in Texel

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