High road safety outside urban areas with LED lighting


Lightronics' lighting solutions for less densely populated areas provide increased road safety and promote social safety.


Public lighting also plays an important role in achieving the current climate and energy targets, specifically a CO₂ reduction of 49 to 55% in 2030. Not only does switching to LED as a light source significantly reduce energy consumption, by up to 70% in some cases, Smart Controlled Solutions like adapted dimming programs, motion sensors and twilight detection also help make public lighting even more energy-efficient.

Lightronics Mistral LED armaturen op een toegangsweg in Culemborg

Lightronics BRISA en BRISA PLUS armaturen langs de provinciale weg in Borsele

Customised solutions for public spaces
We are capable of designing superb systems and solutions, but, at the end of the day, creating added value for you is the primary goal. Incorporating your wishes in our products and services in order to offer an optimal range in the medium and long term. Together with you, we configure the lighting plan that provides optimal illumination.

Recyclable materials, optimal circularity
Lightronics aims to offer inventive solutions that minimise your environmental footprint thanks to high energy savings and the use of recyclable materials. Efficiency in production, storage and transport results in a sustainable end product. For example, CEDER, a newly designed conical luminaire, achieves maximum circularity through the use of anodised aluminium.

Guaranteed spare parts availability
We are committed to optimal long-term product and spare parts supply availability: ideal if you need to replace damaged items, decide to expand an existing project, or develop a new residential estate. We work with you to preserve your cherished streetscape. Various luminaires have been available in our range for decades. This highlights our commitment to supporting you in the long term.

lightronics in de openbare ruimte render
Industrial estate
Colour recognition and uniform light image
Tunnels and underpasses
Vandalism proof and safety
Footpath and cycle path
Flow of traffic and social safety
Traffic safety and orientation
Access road
Traffic and social safety
Major roads and motorways
Road safety and glare prevention
Car park
Colour recognition and correct light distribution

LED lighting for footpaths and cycle paths


LED lighting can be tailored to the setting. A footpath, for example, requires concentrated lighting to ensure maximum social safety. Whereas a crossing requires the opposite: precisely directed lighting. The ingredients for effective cycle path lighting are the ability to move smoothly with the traffic flow, adequate lighting to see where you are going and a high degree of social safety. The right light profile and communication between the luminaires makes it possible to switch on the lighting when needed.

View our range of LED luminaires for footpaths and cycle paths:

Lightronics Bart armaturen langs een fietspad in Amsterdam

LED lighting for tunnels and underpasses


In tunnels, good lighting functionality is the first priority. Lightronics offers vandal-proof and impact-resistant solutions that provide bright and consistent illumination. They help you maintain good traffic safety and social safety.

View our range of LED luminaires for tunnels and underpasses:

Lightronics armaturen voor tunnels

LED lighting for major roads and motorways


Studies show that the roads with an 80 km/h speed limit are the most 'dangerous' when it comes to traffic safety. A good lighting plan, appropriate post spacing and glare prevention are prerequisites for good traffic safety. On motorways, where higher post heights are generally used, a higher lumen output and uniform illumination are required in addition to glare prevention.

View our range of LED luminaires for major roads and motorways:

Lightronics BRISA en BRISA PLUS armaturen langs de snelweg in Borsele

LED lighting for access roads


The traffic intensity determines the LED lighting design on access roads. The lighting can be adapted to local circumstances by working with dimming modes and adding sensors. Proper lighting is of paramount importance for high road safety and social safety. Depending on the situation, consideration must be given to the lumen output of the different luminaires and the lighting profile.

View our range of LED luminaires for access roads:

Lightronics Brisa armatuur voor in de industrie in Kapelle

LED lighting for roundabouts


The traffic flow to a town or village is the most intensive on roundabouts as this is where the road users, e.g. cyclists and cars, converge and cross each other's path. A roundabout reduces the number of potential conflicts at an intersection and ensures that all forms of motorised traffic reduce their speed. LED lighting ensures optimal traffic safety for the different road users.

View our range of LED luminaires for roundabouts:

Lightronics BRISA en BRISA PLUS armaturen langs een rotonde in Borsele

LED lighting for industrial estates


Social safety on industrial estates benefits from good lighting. Colour recognition and uniform illumination are important factors in this setting. Dimming modes, motion sensors and twilight detection ensure adequate lighting as and when needed.

View our range of LED luminaires for industrial estates:

Lightronics Brisa armatuur in de industrie Pyxis Oosterblokker

LED lighting for car parks


The aspects that are important when lighting car parks are colour recognition and providing light where and when desired. Thanks to an intelligently designed light distribution, car parks can be illuminated with extensive-spread beam patterns or long-throw, focused beams. Lightronics’ extensive range of luminaires for car parks offer specific profiles that are adapted to the circumstances.

View our range of LED luminaires for car parks:

Lightronics PRUNUS A1 en BRISA armaturen op een parkeerplaats in Oldebroek

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