Quality, durability, energy savings and aesthetics are important factors when lighting the living environment. Lightronics brings all this together in the RINK, a new, versatile design luminaire for a wide range of applications in the living environment. 

Functional and decorative go hand in hand with the RINK. The compact and modern design allows this luminaire to be used in any setting. The luminaire is ideally suited for use at front doors, galleries, corridors, back paths and balconies.

RINK is part of the Hogro Plus series from Lightronics, a complete line of wall and ceiling fixtures for the residential environment. These lighting solutions offer ample opportunities for creating accents in (semi-) public spaces of residential complexes and for creating a uniform appearance.


Easy to install

Ease of installation

The RINK has a high quality housing and is very easy to install. In the development of the RINK, great lighting comfort and convenience for the installer were taken into account. A good luminaire design is not only distinguished by its shape, but also by its technical aspects. Advanced lighting technology and a limited number of components ensure ease of installation. The new smart connector also makes it easy to install and replace the LED unit. The RINK therefore meets the requirements of both installers and end users and can be used universally.


Total Lighting Solution


The RINK provides even more possibilities to light up a complete residential complex with decorative lighting solutions from Lightronics. The wall and ceiling fixtures of the Hogro Plus series from Lightronics, which apart from the RINK also include the DOTT and GEO fixtures, combine a striking design with state-of-the-art LED technology and offer the possibility to give a complex a uniform appearance.

Lightronics rink rink


With its oval shape, the design luminaire RINK provides decorative lighting for front doors, galleries, balconies, corridors and back alleys.

Lightronics armatuur rink dott


DOTT is a versatile luminaire that is ideal for installation next to front doors, on galleries, in porches and stairwells.

Lightronics armatuur rink dott m


As a surface-mounted or recessed luminaire: DOTT M can be installed in various ways and is suitable for entrances, galleries, stairwells, exterior walls and lift lobbies.

Lightronics armatuur rink dott xl


Entrances, outside walls, lift lobbies, stairwells: DOTT XL is suitable for various applications in larger rooms or areas where more light is needed.

Lightronics rink geo


GEO can be used at entrances and front doors, in stairwells and on galleries. GEO is highly flexible: the luminaire is available in three different versions and can be installed with its tip pointing upwards or downwards. 


The sustainable solution for energy-neutral buildings is closer than you think!

Sustainable and energy neutral

New technology delivers significant savings by cleverly managing the light levels of luminaires. Lightronics Remotion Plus provides light where and when required and reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs.


RINK, DOTT and GEO are supplied in an Easy Light version as standard. Several lumen settings are possible, and Easy Light can optionally be equipped with integrated emergency lighting. Easy Light is available as an Opplus kit.


RINK and DOTT can also be equipped with Comfort Light. Comfort Light has an internal autonomous motion detector and twilight switch (adjustable). Automatic dimming functionality gradually reduces the light intensity of the luminaire (100 - 80 - 50 - 20% or optionally to 0%) and prevents darkness adjustment.


DOTT and RINK are also suitable for Comfort Control, an extension of Comfort Light. This version is characterised by decentralised control and wireless communication between luminaires (RF). Several groups can be set up for transmitting and/or receiving.

Comfort Control projects are customised projects. Inventory, configuration and delivery at additional cost. Please note: not all situations are suitable for Comfort Control. Consider, for instance, environmental variables such as moving parts (e.g. lift doors), reflection of glass or concrete constructions that may block RF signals. Acceptance of this type of project takes place in consultation and after an approved on-site survey.

Lightronics rink duurzaam

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