The power of Lightronics


In our view, entrepreneurship extends beyond developing and producing lighting. We are also committed to improving the future. By developing energy-saving and sustainable lighting, and by meaningfully adapting our entire business process. 


For example, we use the 700 solar panels on our roof to satisfy our energy requirements, we plant trees every year to compensate for our CO₂ emissions and we employ people with limited job prospects in the normal labour market (our ‘Baanbrekers’). We are very proud to have achieved level 4 certification on the CSR Performance Ladder and level 5 on the CO₂ Performance Ladder. This certification demonstrates how we work every day to create optimal lighting solutions for people and the environment.

Lightronics duurzaam urban

Our talented people from Baanbrekers!


Besides embracing our responsibility towards the environment, we at Lightronics also feel that we have a meaningful social role to fulfil. So we have provided employment for the amazing men and women sent to us by Baanbrekers, the local sheltered workplace, for more than 25 years. Subassemblies for various luminaires are painstakingly put together by our talented people from Baanbrekers. At the end of 2019, we set up a special area for them at Lightronics where their talents are put to optimal use.

Respect for human rights


To develop lighting for both people and planet, we require our suppliers to comply with the code of conduct of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The ILO is a United Nations agency that monitors labour issues. This code of conduct covers topics such as child labour, compliance with the law, fighting corruption and respect for human rights.

A 100% circular future


Lightronics signed the Raw Materials Agreement (Grondstoffentakkoord) in September 2018. This had led to various projects to improve the reusability of products and raw materials. Our ultimate goal is to achieve 100% circularity in the future. In a circular economy, waste does not exist and raw materials are reused over and over again. The Raw Materials Agreement sets out an agreed path to make the Dutch economy completely circular by 2050.

Reduction of C02 emissions


We are proud to have achieved certification at the highest level of the CO₂ Performance Ladder in 2019. This performance ladder is an instrument that measures the sustainability of companies, government departments and agencies in order to help them reduce their CO₂ emissions. The highest level is achieved when procedures implemented by the individual business to reduce CO₂ emissions are complemented by united action within the supply chain and the sector as a whole.

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