Update fire: luminaire 'moulds' retained in supply chain

25 September 2020 | News

In addition to the many positive reactions about finding a temporary location for our production and assembly, we have received many questions about the moulds of our fixtures. As you know, Lightronics has its own moulds, it is one of the strong points of our assortment.

We are pleased to be able to inform you that in the fire that hit us, on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, not a single mould, such as moulds for aluminium and plastic injection-moulded enclosures, was lost. Many moulds are guaranteed in Lightronics' own supply chain for assembly. While other moulds remain at a separate, closed location. It is precisely this spread that enables us to start up our production quickly. Once production and assembly have started at the temporary location, we can deliver immediately again.

Lightronics Experience Center

We also received many questions about the recently opened Lightronics Experience Center. It is with great dismay that we have to report that the Experience Center has been damaged to such an extent that it needs to be completely dismantled. Just recently, the Experience Center was nominated for the Sign+ Award. A nomination that made us particularly proud, precisely because the Lightronics Experience Center was established on the basis of questions from you and the market. In the coming months, we will make every effort to get the Experience Center up and running again. We would also very much appreciate it if, if you had planned an appointment in the coming period, you would give us the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience the Power of Light at your location. We will contact you for this, if you would like to contact us now, please send an email to: or contact your Account Manager.

Finally, we would like to thank once again for all the expressions of support and also for the goods we are offered. It makes it clear to us that we are always with you, but especially in these difficult times.

Team Lightronics

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