Light evolution


The BURAN was recently added to the BRISA series. This new addition combines functionality with a decorative character: functional light that is highly distinctive during the day and at night. The design brief was to create low-carbon public lighting that meets the requirements of urban planners, municipalities, provincial authorities and central government without compromising comfort and safety.

We provide an up-to-date and efficient lighting solution where lighting comfort is key. Thanks to this addition, you can now choose between the functionally innovative BRISA and the BURAN with its rounded, more architectural shape that blends in seamlessly in any streetscape.
A further new product, the BURAN PLUS EXTREME for motorways, is 20% less dazzling than a comparable luminaire. The BURAN, equipped with a spherical diffuser, can also be used as guidance lighting. With the BURAN and the BRISA, you can create the streetscape of today and tomorrow.


Distinctive day and night


The BURAN has been specifically designed for the future. The BURAN reflects the characteristics of modern architecture, is organic and at the same time highly distinctive because of its rounded contours. As a result, the BURAN unites functionality with a decorative design. It is the best of both worlds for districts, villages and towns, and also an ideal solution for the main roads and motorways of today and tomorrow.

Both the BRISA and the BURAN offer features for easier and smarter area management. The BRISA and BRISA PLUS are applied in areas where there is a defined functional management approach and policy, whereas the BURAN, BURAN PLUS and BURAN PLUS Extreme are applied in environments characterised by functionally decorative design. 

BRISA - Functional lighting solutions
BURAN - Functional and decorative lighting solutions
BURAN PLUS EXTREME - Functional and decorative lighting solutions


Standardisation across applications


The BURAN can be used for all applications requiring a post height of between 3.5 metres and roughly 20 metres. So it is the perfect solution if you want to standardise. The BURAN PLUS Extreme, for example, is capable of illuminating 80% of Dutch motorways with just three light distributions.

BURAN PLUS EXTREME  for major roads and motorways

BURAN PLUS for access roads in urban areas and the suburbs

BURAN EXL for guidance lighting applications

BURAN for residential areas

BURAN BAT for applications where flora and fauna protection is important

BURAN BIKE for cycle paths

BURAN WALK specifically for pedestrian crossings



Functionally versatile


The BRISA series is a modular and highly functional family of luminaires. Due to the extensive range of possible applications, the BRISA is an outstanding functional lighting solution for urban and outlying areas. Illustrated by the fact that we introduced a diffuse peripheral illumination pattern with the BRISA luminaires, and, with the BRISA PLUS, pioneered a standardised lighting solution that covers the requirements of district distributor roads and major roads, in addition to residential areas.


The solution for achieving the climate agreement targets is closer than you think


The main reason for applying LED technology and making public lighting smarter is to save energy. Thanks to the use of LED as a light source and the development of LED-only luminaires such as the BRISA and BURAN, significant savings can be achieved in terms of the amount of power required for lighting. Furthermore, this technology is more versatile when it comes to reducing light pollution, projecting light to where it is needed and dimming or even turning off luminaires.


The BURAN luminaires are equipped with CLO (Constant Lumen Output) and/or five standard dimming modes (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A). Other dimming modes are obviously also available.


Lightronics offers the possibility of system integration in the form of Controlled Solutions.
For example, communication modules from CityTouch, Luminext, Remoticom or Tvilight can be integrated in the system.


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Start 25 mei 2022

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