The PKA (Pot Kachel Armatuur) has an attractive modern look. The use of colour largely determines the character of this post-top luminaire. As standard, the PKA is equipped with a lamella refractor to ensure good light distribution that is easy on the eyes. This street and yard lighting blends in perfectly in parks, town centres, shopping centres and residential areas. The post-top luminaire is waterproof (IP66) and impact-resistant (IK10).

Short overview
IP66 IK10 Veiligheidsklasse1 Easylight CE

Public spaces and architecture, Station area, Leisure, Inside the built-up area, Holiday parks

Luminaire type
Post-top luminaire

Light cover
UV-stabilised polycarbonate, clear

RAL 9005, RAL 9010

UV-stabilised polycarbonate

Constant Lumen Output

From 2670 to 5670


> 80

Circular distribution, Asymmetric


PKA benefits


Public lighting can enrich the appearance of a streetscape. The PKA's design acts as an accentuating feature in public spaces. At the same time, considerable savings on energy costs can be realised by automatically adjusting the light intensity to the ambient conditions. The PKA is supplied in the Easy Light version. This version features standard dimming modes, which alter the power and light intensity based on preconfigured time settings in order to save energy.

Climate Agreement implementation


The choice is yours, ranging from CLO (Constant Lumen Output), motion detection and communication between luminaires to integrating an existing management system or preparing for sensors. You can also opt for different luminaire finishes: functional or more stylish.


Lightronics’ luminaires feature CLO (Constant Lumen Output) or five standard dimming modes (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A), which alter the power and light intensity based on preconfigured time settings.


Lightronics offers full system integration with Controlled Solutions. This includes the use of communication modules from brands such as CityTouch, Luminext, TVilight or Remoticom. Motion detection with local communication by RF is a further possibility. Controlled Solutions projects are tailor-made solutions that involve additional charges for the initial analysis, system configuration and the final acceptance procedure.


Alternative luminaires

Classical and full of character

Lighting determines the mood and atmosphere in public spaces. The SGR (Schiedamse Gracht) luminaire combines a classical look with energy savings and a good light output. The SGR is ideal for residential areas, holiday parks and similar applications.

Classical appearance

The OGR (Oude Gracht) is a classical post-top luminaire that adds cachet to a historic town or village centre. The luminaire can be supplied with or without ladder rests and optionally with a copper hood and finial.

Maximum circularity

The conical CEDER luminaire can be used for a wide range of applications in public spaces. The CEDER has been designed for maximum circularity. Reduce, reuse and recycle are the main keywords here. We minimise the use of raw materials, maximise the reuse of parts and make high-quality recycling possible.

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