BOW is a stylish LED luminaire, for use at front doors and entrances. The downlighter is energy saving and has an extensive-spread distribution pattern for entrance gallery situations or deep light bundle for above entrance doors. These light bundles have been fine-tuned for the applications to avoid light pollution. The BOW has a sustainable aluminium housing and is finished with a double layer epoxy coating, which extends its service life. The wall-mounted luminaire is impact resistant (IK08), dustproof and resistant to jets of water (IP65).

Short overview
IP65 IK08 Veiligheidsklasse1 Easylight Comfortlight CE

External access gallery, Entrance, Outer façade, Storage room, Porch

Luminaire type
Surface-mount luminaire

Light cover
Matt glass

RAL 9010, DB 703

Aluminium double coated

From 280 to 560

230/240 V, 50 Hz



Long distribution, Wide distribution

Cable entry

Sustainable, durable and stylish LED luminaires for homes and residential complexes

Character in design

Good lighting contributes to residential quality. The HOGRO Plus LED luminaires from Lightronics enhance social safety, provide light where desired and are energy-efficient. In addition, they accentuate the character of the building.

The HOGRO Plus series has been designed with great attention to detail. These functional designer luminaires for wall and ceiling lighting are part of a single family with a consistent visual identity. Sophisticated LED technology ensures even distribution of light. Find out more about the RINK, GEO and DOTT family of luminaires.

Lightronics DOTT armaturen in de galarij van appartementencomplex Hoge Rij in Deventer

HOGRO Plus is synonymous with smart LED lighting


We sit down with you to design a total solution. We produce a lighting plan and analyse your total life-cycle operating costs beforehand. Various parameters are important in this Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis - the TCO is the total cost of owning and using a product during its service life.

Energy consumption is one of the most important aspects of the analysis, but issues such as purchase, maintenance and lifespan are also important. The HOGRO Plus series features high-quality design and construction that includes the use of an aluminium housing protected by a double coating and advanced LED technology. The luminaires are energy-efficient, and the RINK has a very low system power, which is obviously beneficial for the unit's CO2 footprint. The TCO of this luminaire is up to 55% lower than that of a comparable luminaire in its class.

Lightronics DOTT, R3 en TPN armaturen in appartementencomplex Hoge Rij in Deventer

HOGRO PLUS makes your environment sustainable

Alternative luminaires

Robust and stylish

The DOTT luminaire family consists of modern, impact-resistant, circular surface mounted luminaires in three sizes. The DOTT, the smallest member of the family, is suitable for porches, front doors, external access galleries, stairwells and corridors.

Robust and stylish

The versatile GEO offers a range of lighting possibilities within a single basic luminaire design. The triangular luminaire comes in three variants, with or without decorative protective covers, and can be mounted with the point up or down.

Robust and stylish

The RINK is a versatile wall-mounted luminaire for a wide range of applications in the residential environment. The luminaire combines a compact and modern design with high energy savings. This luminaire can be used as a decorative lighting solution for front doors, external access galleries and balconies, corridors and back alleys.