The triangular GEO wall-mounted luminaire is an impact-resistant lighting solution for indoor and outdoor applications. The GEO is modular and easy to upgrade. The housing is made of durable, double-coated aluminium that is guaranteed to last for the product’s entire lifetime and is recyclable.

The versatile GEO offers a range of lighting possibilities within a single basic luminaire design. The triangular luminaire comes in three variants, with or without decorative protective covers, and can be mounted with the point up or down. The impact-resistant, surface-mount luminaire is suitable for outdoor use, close to entrances and on façades, and as lighting for front doors, stairwells, external access galleries and lift lobbies. You can combine the GEO with the RINK or DOTT to create a consistent visual identity for the lighting in a building complex.

Short overview
IP65 gt2xIK10 Easylight Politiekeurmerk CE

Housing, Appartment building, Migrant accommodation, Student accommodation, Holiday parks, Trappenhuis

Luminaire type
Surface-mount luminaire

Light cover
UV-stabilised polycarbonate, opal or frosted

DB 703, RAL 9010

Aluminium coated

From 440 to 1250

Hogro plus

> 80

Circular distribution


GEO benefits


GEO is part of the Hogro Plus series offered by Lightronics. The luminaires in the Hogro Plus range make it possible to create a residential complex with a clear visual signature and identity. The RINK, GEO and DOTT luminaire family is suitable for a wide range of applications. These luminaires for wall and ceiling mounting combine striking design with state-of-the-art LED technology. Our sophisticated technology ensures uniform light distribution in all cases. Moreover, these luminaires offer plenty of opportunities for creative variation.

Alternative luminaires

Contemporary design surface-mounted luminaire

The TPS is suitable for lighting galleries, storage areas, back paths, porches and at front doors. The robust TPS features the latest LED technology, provides an even light display and increases the sense of social safety.

Robust and stylish

The RINK is a versatile wall-mounted luminaire for a wide range of applications in the residential environment. The luminaire combines a compact and modern design with high energy savings. This luminaire can be used as a decorative lighting solution for front doors, external access galleries and balconies, corridors and back alleys.

Robust and stylish

The DOTT luminaire family consists of modern, impact-resistant, circular surface mounted luminaires in three sizes. The DOTT, the smallest member of the family, is suitable for porches, front doors, external access galleries, stairwells and corridors.

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