The TPS surface-mount luminaire is ideal for residential construction and satisfies circularity requirements with our LED retrofit solution. The robust TPS provides evenly distributed light and increases the feeling of social safety. The wall and ceiling luminaire features the latest LED technology and can be equipped with a motion sensor, twilight switch or emergency lighting function.

The TPS, one of the luminaires in the Hogro series, is suitable for illuminating external access galleries, front doors, porches and back alleys, and is dust-tight and waterproof (IP65). It can be combined with the TPK, TPN or TPB to create a consistent visual identity for the lighting in a building complex.

Short overview
IP65 gte3xIK10 Veiligheidsklasse1 Veiligheidsklasse2 Easylight Comfortlight Exit route Politiekeurmerk SKG CE Oppluskit

Appartment building, Migrant accommodation, Student accommodation, Holiday parks, External access gallery, Corridors, Entrance, Outer fa├žade, Porch, Reception, Homes, Emergency lighting

Luminaire type
Surface-mount luminaire

Light cover
Polycarbonate, clear prismatic, opal or frosted

RAL 9005, RAL 7016, RAL 9010

UV-gestabiliseerd polycarbonaat extreem slagvast, UV-stabilised, flame retardant

From 280 to 560


> 80





Lightronics offers a large number of functional luminaires under the Hogro label. These luminaires offer proven quality and are prepared for the future. Our retrofit unit can be used to convert existing conventional TPS luminaires to LED; a solution that avoids unnecessary painting and decorating and eliminates the cost of installing replacement units. For a modest outlay, you can immediately benefit from all the advantages of LED, both in terms of the lighting technology, and maintenance and operation.

Alternative luminaires

Impact-resistant wall an ceiling luminaire

TPN is a multifunctional surface-mount luminaire with a high light output. It is impact-resistant and waterproof (IP65), suitable for external access galleries, porches, corridors, stairwells, entrance halls, back alleys and storage rooms.

For directional light

The robust TPK luminaire provides evenly distributed light and increases the feeling of social safety. The luminaire has been developed for residential buildings. The TPK is equipped with up-to-date LED technology and has a shield that provides directional light.

Robust and stylish

The RINK is a versatile wall-mounted luminaire for a wide range of applications in the residential environment. The luminaire combines a compact and modern design with high energy savings. This luminaire can be used as a decorative lighting solution for front doors, external access galleries and balconies, corridors and back alleys.

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