Lightronics new building has reached its highest point

Production facility and high-bay warehouse will open mid July

Construction of the new building for the manufacturing facility and the high-bay warehouse in Waalwijk is progressing steadily. In the second half of this year the buildings will be taken into service. Followed by the new Lightronics Experience Center in 2023. Jos Spapens, managing director: “We are delighted that we’ll be able to offer our employees and customers a home again.”  

March 2022

Laying the floor in the production area added a new chapter to the construction of the Lightronics new building. The reason for the building was the devastating fire in September 2020, that reduced the entire production and assembly facility, as well as the testing areas and the just opened Lightronics Experience Center to ashes. Fairly soon after the fire, Lightronics was able to resume manufacturing at temporary locations, guaranteeing deliveries. 

February 2022

We are reducing the CO2 footprint even more

At 4200 m2, the floor space in the new building is almost double the old property. Through creating more space, it has been possible to optimise the production routing, improving the working climate for Lightronics employees. This is reinforced by the high-bay warehouse that is coupled directly to the manufacturing, so that components are always to hand for assembly, minimising internal logistics. The new building is entirely gas-free, reducing the  CO2 footprint even further, and it will be equipped with solar panels for energy-neutral manufacturing. In addition to these measures, Lightronics has initiated a tree planting programme to compensate raw materials and logistics. Behind the property, a waste recycling plant will be established to ensure the optimum sorting and disposal of various waste flows. And finally, multiple charging posts will be installed for visitor and employee electric vehicles. Jos Spapens, Lightronics managing director: “With our new facility, we can continue to define our targets for the future of Lightronics. This property puts our employees even more centre stage. We were able to scrutinise the work climate and layout again. In addition, the new building has allowed us to further reduce our CO2 footprint.”

January 2022

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