Car tunnel - Bunnik

165 meter Plutego lijnarmaturen

Plutego lijnarmaturen
Railroad and highway
Tunnels and underpasses

For the railroad and highway tunnel in Bunnik, Prorail and the municipality chose PLUTEGO LED from Lightronics. In total, 60 line luminaires were installed to illuminate the 165 meter long tunnel. Vandalism resistance, light output and durability were the deciding factors.

To improve safety around the tracks in Bunnik, ProRail has constructed a car tunnel in close cooperation with the municipality. This tunnel replaces the level crossing with barriers. Management and maintenance of the tunnel will be the responsibility of the municipality of Bunnik. The requirements have been formulated with regard to vandalism resistance, light output and durability.

Partly due to previous good experiences with impact resistance, the choice was made for the PLUTEGO LED recessed luminaire from Lightronics. To create a light image that does not blind the driver and does not deviate too much from daylight, the tunnel is equipped with 60 PLUTEGO LED fixtures with a light output of 8000 lumens and color temperature of 4000K (neutral white). By dimming these fixtures at night, a pleasant transition from street to tunnel lighting is guaranteed.

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