Lightronics Brisa optica 3000

Light comfort on top with the new BRISA and BURAN Optica from Lightronics

3 February 2022 | News

Optica is the latest option for the BRISA and BURAN luminaires. Ultimate light comfort comes together with good uniformity. In this way, Optica provides a pleasant light experience.

Optics cover creates a smooth light image

Optica is an option for the BRISA and BURAN family and is fitted with an optics cover. On the Optica, the flat glass plate is replaced by a curved hood. The frosted layer of the light cover creates a gentle light image and ultimate light comfort.

Prevent light disturbance

Whereas LEDs could sometimes be experienced as stinging, the optics over ensures a pleasant glow from the luminaire with good uniformity. This prevents light disturbance and increases lighting comfort.

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