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Phasing out conventional light sources for street and urban lighting

27 October 2021 | News

The future of sustainable lighting solutions can be found in LED lighting. For this reason, Lightronics has decided to supply our street and grounds lighting only with a LED light source.

Current offers and orders will be delivered where possible (while stocks last) or converted to LED in consultation with you. Do you have any questions about current offers? Please contact your account manager or mail to

Energy savings with LED

The switch from conventional lighting to LED results in considerable energy savings. LED consumes 50% less energy than conventional light sources and also has a much longer lifespan. In addition, LED offers even more advantages than conventional lighting, such as the possibility of dimming or adding sensors. In this way, even more energy can be saved.

Curious about the amount of energy you can save in your area? Request a lighting calculation! Our lighting experts will be happy to advise the best lighting solution for your situation.

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