The DOTT EXTREME is characterised by a high light output and extreme impact resistance (≥5 IK 10). This circular luminaire is suitable for challenging applications such as tram/bus/metro and train stations and prisons. In addition, the DOTT EXTREME, like the other units in the DOTT family of luminaires, can be used for exterior lighting in entrances and entrance halls.

Short overview
IP65 gt5xIK10 Smartscan Easylight Exit route Politiekeurmerk CE

Housing, Appartment building, Migrant accommodation, Student accommodation, Outside the built-up area, Holiday parks, Entrance, Reception, Tunnel and underpasses, Bus station, Train station, Metro station, Bus platform, Waiting room, Bicycle storage shed, Central hall, Platform, Prisons, Outside yard

Luminaire type
Surface-mount luminaire

Light cover
UV-stabilised polycarbonate, opal or frosted

DB 703, RAL 9010

Aluminium coated

From 3800 to 8000


> 80

Circular distribution




The different variants in the DOTT luminaire range make it possible to create a residential complex that has its own clear visual signature and identity. For example, you can fit the DOTT in the external access gallery, the DOTT M in the stairwell and the DOTT XL in the entrance hall and near the lift doors. The DOTT EXTREME is suitable for entrances and entrance halls. You can choose between a frosted or opalescent diffuser. The luminaire can also be used as emergency lighting. The DOTT EXTREME features a special coating to ensure that this robust luminaire can withstand arduous environments such as the sea climate in coastal areas. Sophisticated technology ensures even light distribution.

Alternative luminaires

The largest variant

The DOTT XL is the largest variant in the DOTT luminaire family and is suitable for illuminating entrances and entrance halls, lift lobbies, stairwells and corridors. The round, surface mounted lumiaire is modular and easy to upgrade.

The middle size

In terms of size, the DOTT M is the middle member of the DOTT luminaire family and is also available in a semi-recessed version. The DOTT M is ideally suited for use in entrance halls, lift lobbies, stairwells, corridors and entrances. This highly impact-resistant luminaire can be equipped with a twilight switch, motion sensor and emergency lighting function. You can combine the DOTT with the GEO or RINK to create a consistent visual identity for the lighting in a building complex.

Efficient LED-tunnel lighting

Reduce your energy and maintenance costs and improve safety with durable and efficient LED lighting. The VENTEGO is a very flat, extremely impact-resistant and vandal-proof surface-mount luminaire, suitable for a wide range of applications.

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