The GBM (Grote BijlmerMeer) luminaire features an impact-resistant light cover and top cover and a steel interior. It is a typical post-top luminaire with a distinctive conical shape. The name refers to the place where this luminaire was first used. Today, the vandal-proof GBM can be found in residential areas, along cycle paths and in business parks and large car parks throughout the Netherlands. The post-top luminaire is waterproof (IP65) and impact-resistant (IK10).

Short overview
IP65 IK10 Veiligheidsklasse1 Easylight Controlled Solutions CE

Inside the built-up area, Residential street

Luminaire type
Conical luminaire

Light cover
UV-stabilised polycarbonate, ice motif

RAL 9005, RAL 7032

UV-stabilised polycarbonate

From 800 to 3000


> 70



GBM Benefits


Creating a uniform and future-proof streetscape is an important criterion when choosing public lighting. But you also need to be able to apply the latest technology. Lightronics supplies lighting solutions that are prepared for the future. UniCliq is one example of our approach: a unique system that lets you implement the most up-to-date LED lighting solutions easily and quickly in existing luminaires, such as the GBM. A major benefit of this solution is that existing lamp posts and fittings can be retained, which is cost-efficient and sustainable. Moreover, the appearance of the luminaire does not change, thereby preserving the visual character of a neighbourhood or street.

Climate Agreement implementation


The choice is yours, ranging from CLO (Constant Lumen Output), motion detection and communication between luminaires to integrating an existing management system or preparing for sensors. You can also opt for different luminaire finishes: functional or more stylish.


Lightronics’ luminaires feature CLO (Constant Lumen Output) or five standard dimming modes (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A), which alter the power and light intensity based on preconfigured time settings.


Lightronics offers full system integration with Controlled Solutions. This includes the use of communication modules from brands such as CityTouch, Luminext, TVilight or Remoticom. Motion detection with local communication by RF is a further possibility. Controlled Solutions projects are tailor-made solutions that involve additional charges for the initial analysis, system configuration and the final acceptance procedure.


Alternative luminaires

Optimal light distribution

The PRT luminaire is a particularly decorative addition to your streetscape. This variation on the theme of the traditional conical luminaire shape offers many possibilities for street and yard lighting. Thanks to good reflective technology, this luminaire delivers optimal light distribution.

Prevent light pollution and increase traffic safety

The KFK is ideal for residential areas, back alleys and business parks. The different lens configurations guarantee optimal light output. The KFK prevents light nuisance and improves traffic safety.

Striking design, special lighting technology

The HOLBEIN combines a characteristic design with special lighting technology. The light source is positioned higher than in most luminaires. This limits light nuisance and light pollution without compromising the light output.

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