Lightronics is running at full strength again!

20 November 2020 | News

We have worked extremely hard in recent weeks to completely eliminate the backlog that had built up. With the fantastic efforts of our team and the additional help of staff from local catering establishments, we will continue to produce at full speed in the coming period. Our goal: to reduce the current delivery time, which in most cases is already the standard delivery time before the fire, even further so that the upcoming deliveries will be delivered faster than you are used to from us.

In this way we want to realise that the orders will be delivered well before Christmas and there will be room for extra orders. We hope that everyone can experience the Power of Light again as soon as possible!

We thank everyone for their efforts, the help from outside and the understanding of our customers. Together we will get back on top!

Want to know more? Please contact your Account Manager or Sales Department.

Lightronics Team

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