Lightronics achieves 63% CO₂ reduction

8 February 2021 | News

We are proud to announce in the Week of Circular Economy that Lightronics managed to reduce its carbon footprint in 2020 by 63% compared to 2019. This brings us closer every year to our ambition of being able to produce our lighting completely carbon-neutral.

As a lighting manufacturer, we believe it is important to contribute to a green future. Our mission is therefore to develop and produce CO₂-free lighting. In recent years, we have made several investments, not only to develop sustainable and energy-efficient lighting, but also to produce in a sustainable way, for example by installing 700 solar panels at our office. With the help of the Environmental Barometer, we were able to clarify our CO₂ footprint. This showed that by 2020 we will have reduced our CO₂ footprint by 63% compared to 2019. The installation of 700 solar panels at our office proved to have the biggest impact on the reduction. But working from home also resulted in much less business and commuting traffic. In the coming years, we will continue to work to achieve our ambition of carbon-neutral production.

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CO₂ Performance Ladder level 5

In addition, in 2019 we achieved CO₂-Performanceladder level 5, the highest achievable step. This performance ladder is the sustainability instrument in the Netherlands that helps companies and governments to reduce CO₂ and costs. This takes place within the business operations, in projects and in the chain. The Ladder is therefore not only used as a CO₂ management system, but also as a tendering instrument. The CO₂-Performanceladder level 5 certificate is another proof for our stakeholders that Lightronics puts sustainable business practices at the heart of its operations.

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New maximum recyclable luminaires

With LED lighting, it is possible to greatly reduce the energy consumption of lighting and therefore also the CO₂ footprint. By adding smart components, not only more energy can be saved, also the lifetime of light sources can be extended. Lightronics has a suitable light solution with low energy consumption for every environment. In addition to sustainable light sources, we have worked hard in recent years to make our luminaires sustainable. The recently introduced CEDER (for public spaces) and RINK (for housing) are two maximum recyclable luminaires and contribute to circularity. So is our new DOTT XL Extreme luminaire, which can be used in housing, railway stations, tunnels or prisons.

Do you also want sustainable lighting in your environment? Please contact your account manager.

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