The PRUNUS H elevates the PRUNUS series of luminaires to greater heights

Lightronics is expanding the PRUNUS series of luminaires for street and site lighting with the PRUNUS H. This post-top luminaire is specifically designed for mounting at greater heights (up to 12 metres) and is perfectly suited for lighting large, open spaces, such as parking areas near hospitals and shopping centres, business parks and recreational areas.

The PRUNUS H elevates the PRUNUS series of luminaires to greater heights

The PRUNUS H is available with asymmetric and symmetric light distribution for placement along the edges and in the middle of a site, respectively. The luminaire's symmetric light distribution model has an exceptionally high light output of up to 44,378 lumen at a system capacity of 350 W. Similar to all other PRUNUS luminaires each LED is equipped with a separate lens that directs the light, which results in exceptionally efficient optical light performance and uniformity. This makes it possible to achieve an average light level of 22 lux (uniformity = 0.62) with the PRUNUS H luminaires placed 40 metres apart.

Sustainable and low-maintenance

The PRUNUS H is suitable for 101-mm-diameter masts and with an adapter also fits on masts with a 76 and 89 mm cross-section. The curved, smooth aluminium top cover prevents accumulation of dirt and moisture on the outside. The entire luminaire is sealed and is impact-resistance rated at IK 10 (20 Joules). Similar to other Lightronics LED luminaires, the expected service life is 100,000 burning hours (L80/F10). This applies to the LEDs, as well as the electrical components. This makes the PRUNUS H a low-maintenance choice.


In 2016, Lightronics introduced the PRUNUS series of luminaires as the new standard for street and site lighting with CO2-neutral production. The extensive choice in design, light distribution and applications make it possible to design entire public spaces using the PRUNUS: with the new PRUNUS H, the PRUNUS series now includes 6 models and no less than 19 variants.