Stylish and timeless – it stays within the family

The PRUNUS series has quickly grown to become a Dutch municipality favourite. The range of choice within this series makes it possible to use different PRUNUS types for different applications within the living environment. The RGB LED ring creates an additional nuance.

Stylish and timeless – it stays within the family

Lightronics’ key values are innovation and continued future availability, combined with quality. A good example of this is the KFK. Since its introduction in 1985, this well-known conical luminaire guarantees a continuous streetscape: the design has remained unchanged, the technology has been optimised. Light technology is evolving. Just like the KFK is continuously updated, our newest series, the PRUNUS will also continue to evolve over the next 35 years. This makes it a future-proof lighting choice for public spaces in all respects.

“With the PRUNUS A2 pole-top luminaire in residential streets and the PRUNUS D curved mast arm luminaire at traffic intersections we create uniformity in the streetscape. Despite the diversity in functionalities ranging from standalone to fully dynamic lighting, the basis for all PRUNUS luminaires is the same, so that, for example, only a single driver type and LED unit is required for installation and maintenance.”

Roland Tienstra, Manager Public Lighting Municipality of Smallingerland (NL).

The new standard

The PRUNUS is setting the new standard for post-top luminaires. The series is LED-only and is future-ready through its use of the very latest lighting technology. There are 5 models and a total of no fewer than 19 basic types. The PRUNUS series offers post-top, circular and suspended luminaires with a wide array of light covers, light distribution and light output. This wide variety of form and function enables PRUNUS to be used in the most diverse living environments, thereby safeguarding a consistent streetscape.

Core Values

In addition to future availability, quality, innovation and care for the environment are among Lightronics' core values. To be able to guarantee the quality of our luminaires, semi-finished and end-products are checked and tested at many points during the manufacturing process, in accordance with the ISO9001 and ISO2859 (the latter specifies the sample size). These checks and tests are performed by independent parties, as well as in our own light testing laboratory; always with calibrated measuring instruments. The safety and performance of our products are assured on the basis of the DEKRA LED Performance certificate and the ISO 12944 QUALICOAT lacquer quality label, among others.

CO2 Footprint

Lightronics furthermore aims for inventive lighting solutions with a minimum burden on the environment. Energy efficient light technology is combined with recyclable materials. Efficiency in production, storage and transport translate into a sustainable end-product. The objective is to emit as little carbon dioxide (CO2) as possible during all phases of the production process. To further compensate for the emissions caused by its luminaires, Lightronics plants approximately 1,000 trees each year. A single tree converts approximately 1 tonne of carbon dioxide into oxygen during its lifetime.

Smart Lighting

New technology creates a connection between different functions in the living environment. Lightronics' luminaires are enabled for Smart Lighting applications. This not only includes our own data modules, most luminaires are also suited for use with Luminext, LoRa or TVilight. As system integrator, Lightronics ensures that you are always connected.

Continued future availability

Just like, for example, the KFK, the BRISA and the AMPULLA, the PRUNUS is an example of timeless design that fully expresses Lightronics' core values. This is our promise to you: continued future availability, but then with modern technology. This applies to our classic conical luminaires, as well as the recently introduced PRUNUS series. All of these luminaires will continue to evolve.