Migrating to LED

Replacing TL tubes with LED tubes? Better not. TL tubes are currently being replaced with LED tubes on a massive scale. However, this is not always possible and the luminaires often are not suited for the ‘simple’ replacement of one tube with another. When the principal concern is energy efficiency it is better to replace the entire luminaire. This means that fewer luminaires would be required, that the lifespan is known in advance and that unnecessary power loss – the existing ballast – is prevented. Furthermore, lighting in a production facility or at the office is custom work.

Migrating to LED

In general, the lifespan of an LED tube is set at 50,000 hours and the tube generally comes with a five-year guarantee. However, factors such as the prevailing conditions, the light output and the fact that the light distribution totally changes when LED tubes are applied, are often overlooked. TL luminaires are built for TL tubes and come with a ballast designed to start up the TL tube. There are various types of LED tubes, including one whereby the ballast stays in place, which can result in higher power consumption and higher heat generation.

CE quality mark

A different way is to remove the ballast. However, this affects product liability, because after its retrofit, the luminaire no longer qualifies for the CE quality mark. In the event of a retrofit the end-user therefore becomes ultimately responsible and this can create problems in terms of certification, warranties and insurance.

CO2 Footprint

Lightronics’ light experts would like to assist you free of obligation in developing an ingenious, future-proof lighting plan. We will realise the right lighting level everywhere in your business with (far) fewer luminaires than in the existing conventional situation. In high production halls, the number of light sources often can be reduced by half. This results in more efficient facilities management and significantly lower maintenance costs. The lifespan of the LED light source is a maximum of 100,000 burning hours. By applying LED lighting you furthermore save up to 70% energy, lower the CO2 footprint, achieve lower operating costs and comply with the Energy Agreement for commercial buildings. Furthermore, you can avail yourself of the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA).

Motion Sensors

With our smart management solutions, for example, by equipping the luminaires with motion sensors and/or daylight sensors, efficiency can be increased even further. Lightronics is happy to meet with you to jointly review the options for your business or institution.