Lightronics achieves CSR and CO2 Performance Ladder Level 4

This summer we were awarded Level 4 certification on the CSR Performance Ladder and on the CO2 Performance Ladder. By achieving CSR Level 4, Lightronics belongs to a select group of 30 Dutch companies that have made the aspects People, Planet and Profit an explicit part of their policy. Level 4 of the CO2 performance ladder is a recognition of our efforts to actively reduce the CO2 emission of our products and processes. Knowledge sharing also forms part of this.

We specifically involve our customers in our business objectives. Together with you, we assess where further improvements are possible. A good example of this is that with several major buyers we have agreed to reorganise the packaging of our luminaires. The result is a significant decrease in the use of packaging materials. In addition, by providing people with poor prospects on the labour market with opportunities, we have also created social return. In addition, energy reductions are being realised by reviewing on-site opportunities together with stakeholders.

About the CSR Management System Certificate

The CSR Management System certificate is objective proof that the business or organisation in question has a Management System for Corporate Social Responsibility in which stakeholder demands and expectations are managed on a results-oriented basis. Stakeholder demands include government demands, such as the 'Sustainable Procurement Criteria' in the Netherlands. These criteria form part of the CSR Performance Ladder certificate.

About the CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 Performance Ladder encourages companies, that are reducing their CO2 through energy efficiency measures, to make efficient use of materials and renewable energy as part of their business operations, projects and within the chain. Key principles in this respect include initiative, practical results, innovation and collaboration among certified companies.

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