IKARES Intelligent Low-carbon Energy Systems

The objective of the IKARES is to achieve a CO2 reduction of up to 60% with Smart Lighting systems and includes a Living Lab in Waalwijk, a Smart City scale model in Tilburg and 22 pilot projects in the developed environment in the provinces of Noord-Brabant, Zeeland and Limburg, in the Netherlands. The project partners, Lightronics and Global Innovator aim to make lighting more intelligent and to interconnect it in a network together with users and the environment.

IKARES Intelligent Low-carbon Energy Systems

Lighting has a major impact on many facets of society. Light stimulates security and fills the space when there is a lack of natural light in our environment. However, lighting also entails many negative aspects, such as light pollution, an adverse impact on the natural environment, high energy costs and the associated high CO2 emissions.

Lightronics and Global Innovator aim to achieve a major reduction in energy consumption through means of the deployment of modern (communication) technologies. At the same time they are aiming to reduce the CO2 footprint in the process. The energy savings in the developed environment in this projects is significant. Over the term of the project, it will save approximately 8.84 MW and in each year after the end of the project savings are expected to amount to another 5.14 MW per year. A social benefit is that lighting can increasingly be supplied custom-made. Together with the system's estimated service life of at least 20 years this produces significant savings.

This project is made jointly possible by the European Union's European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Additional Information

For additional information and/or to participate in the project contact: Dirk Brands Tel.: +31 (0)416 56 86 00