Luminaire TTN comes in two easy to install models: as a recessed luminaire and as a surface-mounted TTN can be used in a single room for multiple purposes. In addition to impact-resistant wall and ceiling lighting for hallways, entrance halls, galleries, lift lobbies and stairwells the luminaire can also be used for emergency lighting. TTN is dust-tight and waterproof (IP44).


  • IP44
  • IK 10
  • emergencyLighting
  • Easy Light
  • Comfort Light
  • Comfort Control Residential Applications
  • CE
Applications Entran­ces, Galle­ries, Stair­wells
Label Hogro
Housing UV-stabilised polycarbonate
Color RAL 9006
Light cover UV-stabilised polycarbonate, opal
Lumenrange 650 - 2320
Lightprofiles Circular distribution
CRI > 80


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