From residential street to access road: backet-mounted BRISA makes it possible to light up the entire living environment with a single series of luminaires. The energy-saving lighting BRISA has specific versions for crossings and bicycle paths. It's also expendable with lighting for ecological zones to protect flora and fauna. That makes the BRISA ideally suitable for business parks, industrial parks, ecological zones, parking places, parking areas, bicycle paths, roundabouts, holiday parks, walking paths and residential districts. The bracket-mounted luminaire is watertight (IP66) and impact-resistant (IK10). 


  • IP66
  • IK 10
  • Easy Light
  • Comfort Control Public Environment
  • dekraLedPerformance
  • CE
Applications Resi­den­tial streets, Dis­trict access roads, Bi­cycle paths, Bicy­cle paths, Eco­logi­cal Zones, Ring roads, Provin­cial roads, Indus­trial Parks, Par­king areas
Label Lightronics
Housing Aluminium, non-yellowing polyester coating
Color RAL 9007, RAL 9005, RAL 7016
Light cover Clear glass
Lumenrange 800 - 8000
Lightprofiles Symmetric, Asymmetric, Wide distribution, Long distribution, Circular distribution
CRI > 70

Crossing and bicycle paths

Special optics are used that make special applications possible. For example, the BRISA WALK's optics have been specially designed for pedestrian crossings, and the luminaire promotes a high degree of traffic safety. The optics increase the contrast with the surroundings, making pedestrians more visible. The BRISA BIKE is a luminaire with a modified lens for narrow light profiles. This means that the distances between masts can be extended to 30 metres, at a mast height of four metres.


Nature protection with BRISA BAT

Bats are a protected animal species in Europe. The effects of lighting on this protected animal species have been researched, and it can indirectly affect the essential flight and migration routes, as well as the essential foraging area, for example. With BRISA BAT, which is equipped with an amber-coloured LED light source, Lightronics has developed a solution that is ideal for most bat species. The luminaire retains the functional light distribution.


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