Lighting solutions for residential applications

Lightronics has a wide product range for residential applications. From storeroom to gallery, from entrance to stairway and from parking decks to parking area, we offer you the most optimum lighting solutions. It is not without reason that we are a key partner for a wide range of organisations, including housing associations and project developers. Lightronics stands for a pleasant and secure living environment. Our LED luminaires create optimal living comfort and social security. Lightronics can develop an optimal lighting plan for any space. Our sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solutions furthermore result in a significant decrease in your energy and maintenance costs.


More sparing use of energy

Reducing energy consumption is a global theme. In 2015, at the climate summit in Paris, 195 countries adopted the climate agreement. The agreement contains a number of provisions, including the need for reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and other harmful substances and the need for ensuring that the average temperature on earth is not allowed to rise by more than 2 degrees Centigrade. The European Commission has decided that CO2 emissions in 2020 must be reduced by 20% in comparison to 1990. By 2030, this percentage must have increased to at least 40% and to 80% by 2050. Households and the services sector together are responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption. Major steps can be taken by improving energy performance. Lighting plays a key role in this respect. In addition to LED as a light source, smart applications such as motion sensors, twilight detection and connectivity also contribute to reducing energy consumption.



Remotion Plus, a new era

Savings and an optimum light experience go perfectly hand in hand with Lightronics Remotion Plus. Apartment complexes, premises like care institutions and student accommodations, for example, all are perfectly suited for smart lighting. Remotion Plus is an intelligent lighting system. By equipping luminaires with sensors it becomes possible to create light where and when it is wanted. The luminaires can be fully adjusted according to need. This way a stairwell can be illuminated exclusively at the moment movement is detected, for example. This decreases energy costs and reduces the CO2 footprint. Projects in which Remotion Plus has been applied have achieved energy consumption reductions of up to 70%. Remotion Plus can be used in all Lightronics wall and ceiling luminaires. Lightronics is happy to calculate your Total Cost of Ownership.

Applications for the residential environment