Lighting solutions for public spaces

Proper lighting is important for a secure public environment. In residential areas, proper public lighting contributes to a residential environment in which residents feel secure and enjoy their stay. Lighting creates visibility within the environment and reduces criminal activity. Colour temperature plays a key role in this respect. White light increases visibility and increases the possibility of recognising faces and colours at a distance. Lighting also contributes to secure bicycle paths and roads. Low light points accentuate the residential area and this way reduce the traffic's speed. This is of importance in home zones, for example. Lighting can contribute to security in other ways as well. For example, it is possible to decide not to illuminate parks at night and to use lighting to create an alternative, secure route elsewhere. Lightronics has an extensive product portfolio of luminaires for any application in public spaces.


More sparing use of energy

Reducing energy consumption is a global theme. In 2015, at the climate summit in Paris, 195 countries adopted the climate agreement. The agreement contains a number of provisions, including the need for reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and other harmful substances and the need for ensuring that the average temperature on earth is not allowed to rise by more than 2 degrees Centigrade. The European Commission has decided that CO2 emissions in 2020 must be reduced by 20% in comparison to 1990. By 2030, this percentage must have increased to at least 40% and to 80% by 2050. Major changes are required to be able to achieve this. Public lighting plays a key role in this respect. In addition to LED as a light source, smart applications, such as adjustable dimming regimes, motion sensors, twilight detection and connectivity help realise energy savings in public lighting systems.


Direct savings with smart lighting

Optimum light experience and energy savings: Lightronics' luminaires make this possible. Our intelligent lighting systems provide for a more secure living environment, with light where and when it is needed. At the same time our systems provide an opportunity for achieving significant savings on energy costs by automatically adjusting light to prevailing circumstances. Lightronics' luminaires are supplied as Easy Light versions by default. These luminaires come with four standard dimming regimes that change power and light intensity based on preset times. Controlled Solutions is an option that makes wireless communications between luminaires possible, including motion detection and twilight switching. This means there is light when it is wanted. Most Lightronics luminaires are able to accommodate any desired data module. As system integrator, this enables Lightronics to connect you to existing management systems.