Our view on corporate social responsibility

People, planet, profit are key for Lightronics. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility with respect for people and the environment.


In our view, limiting energy consumption, reducing the COfootprint and care for fellow human beings are the backbone of a company. The COPerformance Ladder and the CSR Performance Ladder Level 4 certifications are a confirmation of how we view the world. In all aspects of our business operations we search for a balance between the pillars People, Planet and Profit. We not only do this within our business operations, but also for projects and within the chain. We aim for inventive lighting solutions with a minimum burden on the environment. For example, this means that we opt for energy efficient light technology and recyclable materials. Efficiency in production, storage and transport translate into a sustainable end-product. Our objective is to emit as little carbon dioxide (CO2) as possible during all phases of the production process. To further compensate for the emissions caused by our luminaires, Lightronics plants approximately 1,000 trees each year. A single tree converts approximately 1 tonne of carbon dioxide into oxygen during its lifetime.


Social Return

Social Return

Lightronics supports the sustainable employability of its employees. This is why the well-being of our people is key and we offer excellent career development opportunities. We have created suitable jobs for people with poor prospects on the labour market. Through our implementation of the Social Return concept we have achieved Level 3 of the Corporate Social Responsibility (PSO) Quality Mark. The Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Ladder (PSO) of the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is a national measuring instrument and quality mark that provides insight into the degree a company's Corporate Social Responsibility objective has been met.

Gedragscode International Labour Organization

Code of Conduct

In relation to its suppliers, Lightronics monitors adherence to the Code of Conduct of the International Labour Organization (ILO) – an agency of the United Nations that specialises in labour issues. The Code includes various provisions, including compliance with laws, a prohibition on corruption and child labour, and respect for human rights.