Intelligent use of connectivity


Smart lighting can result in energy savings. Furthermore, luminaires can become suppliers of information by generating data about, for example, traffic intensity, air quality and noise. New technology creates a connection between different functions in the living environment.

Public lighting can produce a treasure trove of information. Not only is public lighting spread across a large surface area, the network’s density is also important for new technology. In residential complexes communication among luminaires is key to lowering energy consumption and for enabling emergency lighting, for example. In industry, offices and non-residential buildings, Smart Lighting produces light when it is wanted and needed. Through remote programming and monitoring up to 65% in energy can be saved.


Smart Lighting Solutions

All of our luminaires are enabled for Smart Lighting applications. In addition to our own data modules (Remotion Plus), luminaires are designed to accept all possible third-party data modules. As system integrator, we ensure that you are always connected. You have access to data relating to energy consumption and malfunctions. In addition, you can also regulate the lighting in case of emergency or adjust the dimming regime in accordance with traffic intensity. Luminaires are also becoming a key supplier of information by equipping them with sensors, for example for measuring motion, temperature, humidity or traffic. The available data modules are ready for the future so that you are always prepared to deal with the issues of tomorrow. These Smart Lighting Solutions result in a positive Total Cost Of Ownership.